AI Tools For Business



Cody is AI-powered assistant tool, offering support in creative tasks, sales strategies, marketing insights, factual information retrieval, employee training, and hiring process optimization. Each tool is designed for specific tasks, ensuring effective and targeted assistance in various business domains. Multiple use case scenarios. Can save you time and money!



TekMatix offers a comprehensive suite of business tools, combining CRM functionality, website and blog creation, sales funnel development, online course and membership management, email marketing, and appointment bookings. It centralizes customer relations, sales, marketing, social media management, providing an all-in-one platform for businesses reality.



HelpGent enables asynchronous communication for businesses with features like video messaging, text messaging, screen sharing, and audio messaging. It enhances customer support, facilitates remote work and collaboration, streamlines sales and consultations, and offers convenience with responses received at users’ own pace.


Great AI eCommerce tool . This powerful platform harnesses AI-powered automation to streamline your operations, from sales and marketing to inventory and customer engagement. ViziShop offers a suite of intuitive tools, empowering you to manage your eCommerce effortlessly. Transform your business with ViziShop’s intelligent solutions, making every aspect of eCommerce efficient, engaging, and highly profitable.


Transform your eCommerce strategy with voc.ai, the ultimate AI eCommerce analytics tool. Dive deep into customer behavior, unlocking the ‘why’ behind every purchase. Empower your sales with proven, data-driven tactics, and master audience segmentation to deliver perfectly tailored messages. With voc.ai, experience the pulse of your customer base through advanced sentiment analysis and enjoy streamlined success with automated, insightful reporting. Voc.ai is your key to smarter, more effective eCommerce.


Unlock the full potential of your business with Simplified.ai, the all-encompassing AI business platform. Streamline your operations with groundbreaking tools for graphic design, video editing, copywriting, and social media management. Simplified.ai is your gateway to a world of intuitive solutions, offering engaging multimedia content, reliable articles, and a vibrant learning community. Elevate your brand with Simplified.ai, where every complex task becomes an opportunity for creativity and growth.


Transform your marketing with Growth Channel, the apex of AI business tools. This powerhouse platform revolutionizes audience identification and engagement, pinpointing customers with intent across every conceivable channel. Forge data-driven personas, craft omnichannel advertising campaigns, and unleash bespoke go-to-market strategies, all driven by AI precision. With Growth Channel, catapult your business to unprecedented heights, ensuring each campaign is a strategic masterpiece for maximum ROI.


Elevate your business intelligence with Databox, the leading AI-powered analytics platform. Craft stunning, integrated dashboards effortlessly, visualizing KPIs from diverse sources with ease. Databox streamlines automated reporting, keeping you informed on performance and goal progression. Set, track, and receive alerts on business goals with precision. With over 100 integrations, custom metric calculations, and multi-device compatibility, Databox is your key to informed decision-making and unparalleled business growth.


Step into the future of marketing with Digital First AI, the premier AI marketing tool. Transform your strategies with AI-powered precision, crafting custom marketing plans in minutes. Dive into a rich library of marketing tactics, create compelling content, copy, and images effortlessly, and foster synergy through business model canvas and growth hacker collaboration. Digital First AI is your gateway to revolutionary marketing, redefining the art of business growth.


GetResponse is a comprehensive email marketing platform. Email marketing, autoresponders, landing pages and more – complete online marketing suite! Personalized marketing tools for who you are. Helping you to achieve your business goals.


The Business Hero

The Business Hero is an AI-powered business advisor that provides comprehensive, step-by-step guides to help you launch your new business with confidence. It offers personalized and actionable advice for every stage of your entrepreneurial journey, aiming to turn your business idea into a successful reality. Get it 25% cheaper with us. Coupon: airecents


Morphlin is an advanced integrated platform designed for trading services and AI. It offers comprehensive solutions to cater to every type of trader. Morphlin supports a wide array of strategies applicable to various market conditions, providing the right tools to navigate any kind of market scenario effectively. Most powerful integrated platfor for trading services.

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