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Pictory Review. Why Is It One of the Best AI Tools for Easy Video Creation? (2023)

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Quick Summary:

Pictory is a cutting-edge, AI-powered video generator tool that revolutionises content creation by transforming long text-based content or lengthy videos into concise and engaging short videos. Its features include video creation from blog posts or scripts, long video summarization, video editing using text, auto-captioning, and short highlight video creation. These make it an ideal tool for social media marketers, online course creators, YouTube channel owners, website owners, and online coaches. While Pictory has a few limitations such as limited customization options for videos, AI voices sounding unnatural, and support for only English language, its pros like ease of use, availability of a free trial, and a cloud-based model far outweigh these. Pictory offers a free trial and three pricing plans to cater to different needs and budgets. Despite its few limitations, the many benefits and advanced features of Pictory make it a must-try tool for anyone seeking to elevate their content creation strategy

While Pictory possesses a few limitations, such as certain restrictions on video customization or occasional unnatural AI voices, the impressive advantages far eclipse these minor drawbacks. Pictory's user-friendly interface, the convenient free trial, and its versatile cloud-based model contribute to an overwhelmingly positive user experience.

To cater to a wide range of requirements and budgets, Pictory offers a complimentary trial along with three competitively priced plans. Despite its minor limitations, Pictory's numerous benefits and advanced features solidify its place as a highly recommended tool in the content creation arena. If you're seeking to boost your content strategy, Pictory is an excellent investment that promises significant returns.

  • Video Creation from Blog Posts:
  • Video Creation from Scripts:
  • Long Video Summarization:
  • Video Editing Using Text:
  • Video Captioning:
  • Short Highlight Video Creation:
  • Easy to use, suitable for both beginners and experts.
  • Feature-packed, including video captioning and adding narration, music, and images.
  • Available as a free trial.
  • Cloud-based, offering the flexibility to use it from any device
  • Limited customizing options for videos
  • AI voices may not always sound natural


Artificial intelligence (AI) has forever changed the landscape of content creation, taking the stress and time-consuming efforts out of producing high-quality, engaging content. This article presents an in-depth review of one of the best AI-powered tools on the market, Pictory. In the following review, you’ll discover why Pictory is an excellent choice for creating visually appealing and engaging short videos out of long text-based content or lengthy videos. This comprehensive guide will walk you through Pictory’s features, benefits, pricing, and more, all while showcasing how this AI tool can revolutionize your content creation process.

So, whether you’re an online course creator, a social media marketer, a website owner, a Youtube channel owner, or an online coach, sit tight and explore why Pictory should be your go-to AI video generator. By the end of this Pictory review, we promise you’ll have an in-depth understanding of this one of the best AI Tools and hopefully, you’ll be inspired to give it a try!

What is Pictory?

Pictory is an innovative, AI-powered video generator software designed to transform lengthy written content or extensive videos into concise, engaging, and social media-friendly short videos. Whether you have a long blog post or a detailed script, Pictory’s advanced technology efficiently extracts the key information, filters out unnecessary filler words, and then creates a visually appealing short video. The result is an optimized video product that is more digestible for audiences, encouraging higher viewer engagement and leading to potential traffic boost.

The software operates on a cloud-based model, allowing users to access it from any device that has internet connectivity. This offers flexibility to its users, who can create, edit, and share their video content from anywhere, anytime. Pictory’s cloud-based nature also ensures the safety and security of the user’s data as it’s stored and backed up on the cloud.

But Pictory goes beyond just video creation. It’s a multifaceted tool equipped with features like AI narration or background music addition, video summarization, video editing using text, auto-captioning, and short highlight video creation. It also offers masterclasses and case studies on its website to help users understand better video marketing strategies, personal brand development, and content repurposing, among other topics.

The creators of Pictory, a team of experienced content creators and technologists, noticed a gap in the market for an AI video editor that could efficiently create short-form content. Recognizing that consumers are increasingly drawn towards visual and interactive content, they developed Pictory to help close this gap, providing a tool that effectively caters to this shift in consumer preferences.

In essence, Pictory is more than just a video creation tool. It’s a comprehensive platform that empowers content creators, marketers, and businesses to streamline their video content creation process, boost their marketing efforts, and engage their audiences more effectively.

Pictory’s robust toolset is packed with an array of powerful features that make it a versatile and efficient choice for content creators and marketers. Here’s a closer look at some of its key features and the associated benefits:

Pictory review

Key Features and Benefits of Pictory

1. Video Creation From Blog Posts:

Pictory’s primary feature is its ability to convert long-form written content, such as blog posts, into high-quality videos. It uses AI technology to filter out irrelevant parts, retaining only the core content. In addition to converting text to visuals, Pictory can add AI-generated voice narration or background music, making the content more engaging and dynamic.

2. Video Creation From Scripts:

This feature is particularly beneficial for online course creators. Pictory can transform a written script into a visual presentation within minutes, with the added option of high-quality AI voiceovers or even your own voice. This saves a significant amount of time, allowing creators to focus more on their content’s quality and less on the technical aspects of video production.

3. Long Video Summarization:

Pictory is not just a text-to-video tool. It can also convert long videos into shorter, condensed versions. Whether you have lengthy podcasts, online conferences, or Zoom recordings, Pictory can process and summarize them into short, engaging videos that are better suited for social media platforms. This feature is incredibly useful in today’s fast-paced digital landscape where brevity and concise communication are highly valued.

4. Video Editing Using Text:

This unique feature allows users to convert their videos into text and edit them using keywords. It enables easy location and removal of filler words or unnecessary content, significantly enhancing the editing process’s efficiency and accuracy.

5. Video Captioning:

Pictory can auto-generate captions for your videos, making them accessible to a broader audience, including those who prefer to watch videos without sound. This feature is crucial for enhancing user engagement and boosting SEO, as search engines like Google favor captioned videos.

6. Short Highlight Video Creation:

Pictory excels at creating short highlight videos from extensive content. These bite-sized videos are perfect for sharing on social media platforms and can significantly boost your content’s visibility and engagement.

7. Masterclasses and Case Studies:

Beyond its technical features, Pictory provides educational resources like masterclasses and case studies to help users refine their marketing strategies and learn from other users’ experiences.

In summary, Pictory’s sophisticated features significantly simplify the video creation process, allowing users to generate high-quality, engaging content efficiently. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned professional, Pictory’s comprehensive toolset can support your content creation efforts and help you reach your marketing objectives.


Who should use it?

Pictory’s advanced features, ease of use, and versatility make it a valuable tool for a wide range of users. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a beginner stepping into the digital world, Pictory can enhance your content creation process. Let’s delve into who can gain the most from this revolutionary tool:

1. Online Course Creators:

For those who create online courses, Pictory can be a game-changer. It can rapidly convert written scripts into engaging, high-quality videos, thereby saving significant time and effort. Additionally, its capability to add automatic captions and voiceovers (AI-generated or your own) can lead to increased viewer engagement and comprehension.

2. Social Media Marketers:

Pictory’s ability to create concise, captivating, and shareable short videos makes it an invaluable tool for social media marketers. The engaging video content produced by Pictory can help improve audience engagement, broaden reach, and boost campaign success across various social media platforms.

3. YouTube Channel Owners:

If you run a YouTube channel, Pictory can be your best ally. It can help you create a multitude of high-quality videos in less time, making regular content updates much easier. With its video summarization and editing features, you can deliver concise and engaging content to your subscribers without the usual hassles of video editing.

4. Website Owners:

Website owners can leverage Pictory to create short video clips introducing their services or products. These videos can make the website more engaging and informative, leading to improved user experience and potentially higher conversion rates.

5. Online Coaches:

For online coaches, Pictory can be a great boon. It allows them to create educational and motivational videos with ease, without the need for advanced technical skills or a large budget. They can effectively communicate their messages and interact with their audience using high-quality videos, making their coaching more effective and impactful.

Pictory is an indispensable tool for anyone involved in content creation, education, marketing, or any field where communication is key. It empowers users to harness the power of video content without the need for professional video editing skills or costly resources.

Pricing and Plans

Pictory offers a free trial and three pricing plans: Standard, Premium, and Enterprise. Each plan is designed to cater to different user needs and budgets. Even the Standard plan, which is the least expensive, provides a solid array of features. However, if you need more, the Premium and Enterprise plans offer additional benefits and features

Standard Plan costs $19 a month

Premium Plan Costs $39 a month

Teams Plan costs $99 a month

Pictory Pricing

Closer Look at Pictory’s Pros and Cons

Like all tools, Pictory has its pros and cons. However, its advantages far outweigh the few limitations, particularly when you factor in the time and effort it saves and the professional-quality videos it produces.


  • Easy to use, suitable for both beginners and experts.
  • Feature-packed, including video captioning and adding narration, music, and images.
  • Available as a free trial.
  • Cloud-based, offering the flexibility to use it from any device.


  • Limited customizing options for videos.
  • AI voices may not always sound natural.

Why Pictory Is a Game-changer: Concluding Thoughts

In a digital world where video content is king, Pictory truly shines as a revolutionary AI tool. Its ability to transform long-form written content or lengthy videos into short, captivating videos is a game-changer. Despite the few limitations, the overwhelming benefits of Pictory make it a tool worth investing in for anyone looking to create engaging video content.

The Pictory Revolution. Final Verdict

In conclusion, Pictory is an exceptional AI video generator tool that can revolutionize your content creation process. By turning lengthy, text-based content or long videos into concise, engaging short videos, Pictory empowers you to reach your audience in a more captivating and effective way. Despite its few limitations, the many benefits and advanced features of Pictory make it a must-try tool for anyone seeking to elevate their content creation strategy. So why wait? Start your Pictory journey today and experience the future of content creation at your fingertips!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who Can Benefit from Using Pictory?

Pictory can benefit a wide range of users, including online course creators, social media marketers, website owners, YouTube channel owners, and online coaches.

How Much Does Pictory Cost?

Pictory offers a free trial and three pricing plans: Standard, Premium, and Teams. Pricing ranges from $19 to $99 per month for the Standard and Teams plans, while the Premium plan costs $39 a month. Please note these prices apply when buying annual subscription.

Can I Try it For Free?

Yes, Pictory offers a free trial that allows you to explore its features and capabilities before committing to a paid plan.

Does Pictory only supports English?

Yes, as of now, Pictory supports only English. However, the team may add more languages in the future.

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