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Looka Review 2023: AI-powered Logo Designing Redefined

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Quick Summary

Looka is an AI-powered design tool that streamlines the process of creating a unique and professional brand. It employs artificial intelligence to generate a variety of logo concepts based on user inputs, saving time and effort while ensuring high-quality, aesthetic designs. Despite some limitations in manual customization and a slightly higher price point, Looka provides a comprehensive branding package that includes business cards, letterheads, and email signatures, making it a one-stop-shop for all your branding needs.

In our detailed review, we've explored Looka's key features, use cases, pros and cons, and pricing plans. The verdict? Looka is a powerful tool that delivers on its promise to help you design your own beautiful brand. While it has a few drawbacks, its strengths – such as its automatic design capabilities, ease of use, and comprehensive branding package – make it a robust choice for anyone in need of a logo or full branding solution. Whether you're a startup, a small business, a freelancer, or a solo entrepreneur, Looka offers remarkable value for crafting a compelling brand identity.

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In the ever-evolving digital world, branding takes the center stage in creating a strong online presence. A unique and appealing logo becomes the cornerstone of this branding journey. This review explores Looka, an AI-powered logo design tool that has been transforming the way businesses and individuals craft their brand image. In the following sections, we will delve into Looka’s working, key features, use cases, pros and cons, and pricing to give you a comprehensive understanding of this platform.

Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur venturing into the world of business, or an established firm seeking to revamp your brand image, This tool might just be perfect for you. Let’s dive into the world of Looka, the logo designing tool that combines ease of use with AI-powered creativity.

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What is Looka?

Looka is an AI-powered logo design tool with a mission to help businesses craft their own stunning brand identities. This platform goes beyond just creating logos, it empowers users to establish a cohesive brand image by offering additional features like brand kits and social media kits.

At its core, Looka is designed to make logo designing effortless and fun, even for those with minimal to no design experience. It harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to automatically generate logo designs based on users’ preferences. With Looka, you simply input your company name, select your industry, and provide some basic design preferences. The AI then takes over, presenting you with a plethora of unique logo concepts to choose from.

The platform’s intuitive interface ensures a smooth design process. It offers automatic customization options, allowing you to tweak the design elements such as layout, color palette, and fonts. Although there are some limitations to manual customizations, the platform does allow for changes in font and symbol size and position, giving users a degree of control over the final design.

Moreover, Looka focuses on creating comprehensive brand identities. Its brand kit feature provides businesses with essential branding materials like business cards, letterheads, and email signatures that align with their logo design.

In conclusion, Looka is an all-in-one solution for businesses looking to build a strong brand identity. It leverages AI to simplify the logo design process, making it accessible and convenient for everyone

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How Does Looka Work?

Looka operates by leveraging artificial intelligence to streamline the logo design process, making it accessible to users of all skill levels. The tool’s operation is primarily automated but also allows for some degree of manual customization. Here’s a breakdown of how Looka works:

1. Getting Started: When you start with Looka, you’ll be asked to enter your company name. You’ll then select the type of industry you work in from a dropdown menu, which helps the tool generate relevant design suggestions.

2. Design Preferences: Next, you can choose to select existing thumbnails and choose three distinct colors to inspire the AI in designing your logo. If you prefer, you can skip this step, and the AI will proceed based on your industry selection. You can also choose to manually select up to five symbols for your logo.

3. AI-Powered Design Generation: After receiving your inputs, Looka uses its AI algorithms to generate a variety of logo concepts for you. The design process takes a few seconds, and the range of styles is quite broad, offering a host of options to choose from.

4. Automatic Customization: Once you’ve chosen a design, you can customize it further. Looka offers automatic customization options where the AI generates alternative design options based on your selected design. For instance, the ‘Layout’ option presents different arrangements of your design’s elements, while ‘Palette’ alters the colors.

5. Manual Customization: Despite its focus on automated design, Looka does offer some manual customization options. You can manually adjust the font’s size, the spacing between letters, and change the lettering’s color. Similarly, you can flip your selected symbol horizontally and vertically and alter its position relative to the wording.

6. Download: Once you’re happy with your design, you can download it. The formats and resolution in which you can download your design depend on the pricing plan you choose.

In essence, Looka’s working model is a mix of AI-powered design generation, automatic customization, and limited manual customization. This blend makes it a user-friendly tool that caters to both design novices and those with a bit more experience.

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Key Features

Looka comes with several key features that make it an appealing tool for businesses seeking to create their own logos and branding materials. These include:

1. AI-Powered Logo Maker: Looka’s primary feature is its AI-powered logo maker. It generates a variety of logo designs based on the user’s input, such as the company name, industry type, color preferences, and chosen symbols.

2. Automatic Customization: Looka offers automatic customization features that provide different design alternatives based on the user’s selected logo. This includes changing the layout, altering the color palette, and offering variations in font and symbols.

3. Manual Customization: Despite its focus on automatic design, Looka provides a degree of manual customization. Users can adjust the font’s size, the spacing between letters, change the lettering’s color, and modify the symbol’s position.

4. Preview Feature: Looka enables users to preview their logo in different contexts before finalizing the design. Users can see digital renders of how their logo would look on a website, social media account, business card, and even merchandise.

5. Brand Kit: Beyond just logos, Looka also offers a brand kit feature, which provides users with other essential branding materials such as business cards, letterheads, and email signatures that match their logo design.

6. High-resolution Downloads: Once a user is satisfied with their design, Looka allows them to download their logo in different formats and resolutions, depending on the chosen pricing plan. This includes high-resolution files and vector files, granting users full ownership of their design

looka use cases

Use Cases

Looka is designed to cater to a broad spectrum of use cases, especially for businesses and individuals in need of professional branding assets. Here are some of its primary use cases:

1. Logo Design for Startups and Small Businesses: Looka is particularly useful for startups and small businesses that need a professional logo but may not have the budget to hire a designer. The tool offers a cost-effective solution that allows them to create a customized logo in a short time.

2. Rebranding for Established Businesses: Even for established businesses considering a rebrand, Looka’s AI-powered logo maker can help generate fresh and modern logo ideas. The tool’s automatic and manual customization features make it easy to tweak and refine designs to align with a new branding direction.

3. Branding for Freelancers and Solo Entrepreneurs: Freelancers and solo entrepreneurs can use Looka to create a cohesive personal brand. In addition to logos, Looka’s brand kit feature enables them to generate business cards, letterheads, and email signatures that match their logo design, ensuring a consistent brand image across different platforms.

4. Design for Merchandise: Looka’s preview feature shows how your logo would look on merchandise, making it a great tool for businesses looking to create branded merchandise. From T-shirts to mugs, businesses can use Looka to design logos that work well in various contexts and on different products.

5. Educational Use: For educators and students exploring the basics of logo design and branding, Looka serves as an accessible learning tool. It demonstrates how different elements—such as symbols, colors, and typography—come together in a logo design and can be adjusted to create different effects.

In all these cases, Looka’s intuitive, user-friendly interface makes it easy for users of all skill levels to create professional-quality logos and branding materials. It is considered as one of the best AI tools for logo design.

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Pros and Cons

Looka offers several advantages that make it a compelling choice for logo design and branding. However, it also has a few limitations that users should be aware of. Here are the pros and cons of using Looka:


  1. Automatic Design: Looka’s AI-powered tool automatically designs professional-looking logos based on user inputs, saving time and effort.
  2. Ease of Use: Looka is very user-friendly, making it easy for people without any design experience to create a logo. Its interface is intuitive and the process is straightforward.
  3. Variety of Design Options: Looka’s AI provides a broad range of styles and designs to choose from. Users can narrow down their results by category, ensuring a logo that matches their business style and ethos.
  4. Branding Package: In addition to logo design, Looka also offers a full branding package. This includes business cards, letterheads, and email signatures, among other things, ensuring a consistent brand image across different platforms.


  1. Limited Manual Customization: While Looka offers some manual customization options, these are somewhat limited. For instance, users cannot select a specific font they would like to use. Instead, they have to hope it’s presented as one of the options on display.
  2. Higher Price Point: Compared to some other logo design services, Looka is relatively pricey. This might deter some users, especially those on a tight budget.
  3. Delayed Display of Variations: When switching between categories, Looka takes a few seconds to display new variations. While this isn’t a significant issue, it’s worth noting that some other services offer quicker displays of new variations.

In conclusion, while Looka has some limitations, its strengths, such as its automatic design capabilities and ease of use, make it a powerful tool for anyone in need of a logo or complete branding package

Pricing and Plans

Looka’s pricing ranges from $20 for a non-transparent logo to $65 for multiple high-res files with full ownership of the design. They also offer yearly subscriptions starting from $96 for a full brand kit, which includes business cards, letterheads, email signatures, and more.

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Final Verdict

In the realm of AI-powered design tools, Looka holds a distinctive position. It delivers on its promise to help users design their own beautiful brand, enabling a smooth and enjoyable logo creation process. The tool employs artificial intelligence effectively, generating an array of impressive logo concepts based on a few simple user inputs. Its automatic customization options are interesting and yield diverse results, albeit with some limitations.

However, where Looka truly shines is in its focus on a uniform branding package. Beyond merely creating a logo, Looka aims to craft an entire brand identity. This holistic approach to branding is likely to appeal to many businesses, particularly startups, small businesses, freelancers, and solo entrepreneurs who can’t justify an in-house designer but still need a professional, cohesive brand presence.

The pricing, while on the higher end compared to some competitors, can be justified given the quality and breadth of services offered. Looka not only delivers high-resolution logo files but also caters to more extensive branding needs with business cards, letterheads, and email signatures. The pricing structure is also versatile, with options ranging from one-time payments for specific services to yearly subscriptions for those who want a comprehensive brand kit.

However, the tool is not without its drawbacks. Manual customization is somewhat limited, and users cannot select a specific font of their preference. The platform also has a slight delay when switching between categories to display new logo variations.

Nevertheless, despite these minor setbacks, Looka still offers remarkable value and it is one of the best ai tools for logo design! Its automatic design process, user-friendly interface, and commitment to providing a complete branding package make it a robust and worthwhile tool for anyone looking to craft a compelling brand identity

People also Ask. Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q1: Is Looka suitable for people without a design background? Yes, Looka’s user-friendly interface and automatic customization make it ideal for people without a design background.

Q2: Can I manually select the symbols for my logo in Looka? Yes, Looka gives you the option to manually select up to five symbols for your logo.

Q3: What is the pricing for Looka? Looka’s pricing starts from $20 for a non-transparent logo. They also offer a full brand kit subscription at $96 per year, which includes business cards, letterheads, email signatures, and more.

Q4: Can I use Looka for rebranding my business? Yes, Looka is a great tool for businesses looking to revamp their logo and brand image.

Q5: What are the limitations of Looka? While Looka offers a range of automatic customization options, it doesn’t provide detailed manual customization. This means you have less control over the specific elements of your design. The pricing is also on the higher end.

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